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Group members undertake a number of regular tasks around the village including monthly litter picks, grass cutting on the village greens, planting a number of planters with seasonal blooms as well as maintaining village benches. During 2019 the Conservation Group in partnership with the Garganey Trust finished a project to create interpretation boards for Denby Delf, to explain to visitors the rich diversity of flora and fauna and also the historical use of the site for stone excavation and masonry.

Village Telephone Box
Village Telephone Box

During 2015 the Group agreed to renovate and maintain the unused Village Telephone Box. After gaining sponsorship from local people and businesses the Box has been completely refurbished and made weather tight so that a Defibrillator could be installed. 

In January 2016 the Defibrillator went live and active on the Yorkshire Ambulance Service database and the 

Village Emergency Telephone System (VETS) became fully operational. The official launch was undertaken by one of our longest serving village residents Win Wheable-Archer, who sadly passed away in April 2018. 

The Box also houses a selection of leaflets on local walks for visitors to take and enjoy.

Village History Board

The idea of a village history board was first mooted in early 2016 and received enthusiastic support from within the Group. We were very fortunate that the local historian and author Chris Heath agreed to let us use his old photographs along with his published text to form the central themes for our double sided history board.


One side of the board describes how the village physically developed over the ages from the Danish settlers, whilst the other side depicts the aspect of the village’s social and community history.

Supplementary grant funding was awarded by Denby Dale Parish Council for the group to fully fund the project, which now included the provision of a new timber bench to complement the history board. The design, construction, artwork and installation works for the project were all carried out by local people who had been or who are resident within the village, making the whole project a community effort.


The History Board on the Village Green was officially unveiled by Chris Heath on 25 November 2017. 

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